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We want to thank you for helping make Hanwell Sports possible.

Coaching is a great way for you to contribute to your community and have fun with your child.  Registration numbers will be limited to the number of volunteer coaches. 

We understand most people take vacations in the summer and they can either arrange coverage with another coach or advise our field coordinator and we can make arrangements for coverage.

Coaching experience is not necessary.  We will provide you with suggested drills and games. See Coach Resources on this website's main menu.

As our way of saying thanks, at the end of the season we will reimburse you $45 for every team that you coach.

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Please select Coach or Co-coach in one or more Sport/Age areas.
So what's the difference?
  • Coach - I am comfortable coaching my own team and I plan to be present most of the time.
  • Co-coach - I am new to coaching and I would like to coach with someone else.
3 to 5 (Thu 6:00)
6 to 8 (Thu 7:00)
3 to 4 (Mon 5:30)
3 to 4 (Mon 6:30)
5 to 6 (Tue 5:30)
5 to 6 (Tue 6:30)
7 to 8 (Wed 6:00)
9 to 12 (Wed 7:00)

If you'll also be registering your children, please tells us their names in the comment box below and we'll make sure they're on your team.
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